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Mobile App Development

In this section I will write articles related to Mobile App Development. To keep things un-complicated, I will only talk about how to develop Hybrid Mobile Apps. Further, I will keep all articles focused towards hybrid app development using one of the most popular app development framework, viz. the Ionic framework, which entails - Ionic, Cordova, AngularJS & TypeScript.

The articles are written for beginners who have no App development experience. However, to be able to understand you need to have some experience of web development with HTML, CSS & Javascript. Additionally, I would expect you to have a little knowledge of developing simple web applications using PHP & MySQL, and a little working knowledge of JSON.

Over a set of multiple articles, I will begin with explaining the Ionic framework, then move to full examples of how to develop some simple Apps for Android & IOS. I will also cover topics on how to publish your Apps for commercial use and submission to Google Play Store and Apple Store.


In this article you will learn how to setup an Ionic Hybrid Mobile App development environment in your windows PC and begin developing Apps.


In this article we will understand what Typescript is, learn about its role and importance in hybrid mobile app development.


This article is an introduction to the Ionic framework, a very popular framework used now-a-days for developing Hybrid Mobile Apps.

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