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Hosting a Web Portal - a buyer guide

Portals are usually setup to attract a lot of traffic. A portal is essentially an application driven website with several hundred pages. Therefore, you require a large disk space, high bandwidth, database and script running support. The two popular platforms used for developing portals are LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) and ASP.Net with MS SQL server database. Depending upon whether your portal applications are developed for LAMP or on an ASP.Net platform, you will need to opt for a linux or windows server hosting respectively.

You can opt for a shared unlimited hosting package or better still go for a VPS or dedicated hosting. Below is a checklist of features you will require:

Never fall for a cheap hosting service

Opting for a cheap hosting service would prove disastrous and expensive. It is not worth saving a few hundred rupees if it subjects your business reputation to risk. Frequent server outages result in lost business and bad reputation, eventually driving away customers. This is the price you pay when you opt for a cheap hosting service.


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