In this article I will highlight the benefits of cloud hosting and explain the benefits of cutting edge cloud platform from WebServicesWorldwide.com.


In this article we will learn to build a very simple CGI program so as to understand the basic environment in which CGI programs written in C work.


This article introduces the concept of CGI programming which can be taken advantage of to build internet based application in C.


Project work on C file handling


Sample programs on file handling


Structure based I/O functions - fread, fwrite


String I/O functions - fscanf, fprintf


String I/O functions - fgets, fputs


Various Read-Write functions available in C for reading and writing on to files. Understanding character I/O functions - fgetc, fputc


This is the first article of the series of articles on file handling in C. In this article you will get an overview of how files are handled in C and understand the basic concept involved.


How to connect to a hosting account via FTP using Win SCP?


How to connect to a hosting account via FTP using FileZilla?


How to connect to a hosting account via FTP using windows explorer or any web browser?


Understand what is the difference between an Active FTP connection versus a Passive FTP connection and which connection mode should you use to connect to your hosting server.


Where on your hosting server should you store your website files so that they are visible to the world? How to conveniently transfer the files from your local computer to the internet server? Get an overview.


Understand what is FTP and which ftp client software are available for you to use for uploading your web files on an Internet server.


The .SITE domain TLD has just entered the Pre-General Availability stage. Read on to find out why .SITE is important and how you can apply for a .SITE domain name.


The hosting requirement for an ecommerce website is far from ordinary. It is necessary to understand what it entails, so that you do not end up compromising your online business by opting for a cheap service.


Popular portals have a very high hit rate and several hundred people visit the website at the same time. This imposes huge load on server resources which shared hosting is not capable of meeting. Read this article to get a quick checklist of points to keep in mind when buying a hosting service for a Web portal.


Four Simple Steps to unlock PDF password. Learn how to store your password protected PDF documents after removing their passwords, for easy future access.

Social e-commerce is the new way to reach out and build customers. Read this article to find out why it is important to focus on social e-commerce to help take your business to the next level.

Simple, Powerful Email for Small Businesses. Gives your business a professional makeover with your own personal branded email address.

Understand what a digital/SSL certificate is, why you need it and what is the process of setting it up for your website.
Read to find out what clubs you require to play Golf.
Read to find out whether you need to spend money on an expensive smartphone.

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