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This section is devoted to programmers and software developers. We are taking care to include articles that would be relevant for beginner level programmers as well as advance level software developers.


This article is a quick brush up of HTML for those who have no idea of what HTML is and who want to get a fair idea about HTML so that they can work comfortably with Rich Text Editors provided by website content management systems.


The objective of this article is to understand what is involved in development of successful software systems. The article is relevant for aspiring software developers as well as for IT managers who outsource software development projects. Even experienced developers may find this article worthwhile.


This article is meant for beginner programmers. If you aspire to be a good programmer, the first step towards development of a program is to write an algorithm. Read what are the salient points you need to keep in mind while writing an algorithm.


Have you ever wondered why most software projects fail? Do you get perplexed when an apparently solid team of software developers come out with an application which is a failure and is scrapped? Read this article to find out.


If you are a beginner to the field of programming, you must read this to understand the important steps and discipline you should follow to be able to write good programs and become a successful programmer.

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