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India is slated to take a major leap into ease of doing business and rationalization of taxes by launching the GST expectedly on 1st July 2017. This article includes a 2 hour video that will explain this new tax concept and clear all your doubts that you may be having about GST.


WannaCry Ransomware is a type of Trojan which locks your device and then the hacker tries to extort money to get your device unlocked. Read on to understand what this virus is and what it can do.


In this article you will learn how to setup an Ionic Hybrid Mobile App development environment in your windows PC and begin developing Apps.


In this article we will understand what Typescript is, learn about its role and importance in hybrid mobile app development.


This article is an introduction to the Ionic framework, a very popular framework used now-a-days for developing Hybrid Mobile Apps.


In this article you will understand what is meant by low level programming in C; learn how to declare and use register variables; learn to identify bitwise operations supported in C and use them in a program.


This article is a quick brush up of HTML for those who have no idea of what HTML is and who want to get a fair idea about HTML so that they can work comfortably with Rich Text Editors provided by website content management systems.


In this article you will learn how to setup multiple websites on your Computer to run under the XAMPP environment and serve pages just like any other internet server.


This article deals with installation of all related software in your windows PC to set up a PHP development environment, so that you can begin developing applications in PHP programming language using MySQL/MariaDB database for storing data.


This article gives you a basic insight into what display adapters are, why they are needed and what are the different types of display adapters.


With the union budget presented yesterday, the Aam Aadmi is peeved at not getting enough after their sufferings due to de-monetization. Read my take on the tax scene in India.


In this article I will highlight the benefits of cloud hosting and explain the benefits of cutting edge cloud platform from WebServicesWorldwide.com.


In this article we will learn to build a very simple CGI program so as to understand the basic environment in which CGI programs written in C work.


This article introduces the concept of CGI programming which can be taken advantage of to build internet based application in C.


Project work on C file handling


Sample programs on file handling


Structure based I/O functions - fread, fwrite


String I/O functions - fscanf, fprintf


String I/O functions - fgets, fputs


Various Read-Write functions available in C for reading and writing on to files. Understanding character I/O functions - fgetc, fputc


This is the first article of the series of articles on file handling in C. In this article you will get an overview of how files are handled in C and understand the basic concept involved.


How to connect to a hosting account via FTP using Win SCP?


How to connect to a hosting account via FTP using FileZilla?


How to connect to a hosting account via FTP using windows explorer or any web browser?

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