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How to create your Facebook Page?

Creating a Facebook page is quite easy. Read on to understand in a very easy to understand step-by-step guide.

What is a Facebook page?

Before we get down to building our first Facebook page, let us first understand what exactly is a Facebook page.

When you sign up at Facebook as an individual you are provided with relevant interfaces to build your personal profile and create a personal timeline. The personal timeline is meant for individuals and are not for commercial use. As per Facebook’s terms of use, you cannot use your personal timeline to represent a commercial entity.

A Facebook Page, on the other hand, is meant for connecting people with a topic such as a business, brand, organization or celebrity. You need only a personal Facebook account to create and manage Facebook Pages. You can create any number of Facebook pages and these pages are not separate Facebook accounts and do not have separate login requirement. They are a part of your personal Facebook account itself.

There are other advantages of creating a Facebook page. A Page lets you engage with people on Facebook and provides useful tools to help you manage and track engagement. In a personal timeline, you can share and allow people to follow you. However, Facebook imposes a limit that you can have maximum 5000 people following a post on your personal timeline. Whereas, when you create a Facebook page, you can have unlimited number of people following you.

How do I create a Page?

Let us get down and build our first Facebook Page

To create a Page, first login to your Facebook account and
visit the following url - You will see the following page.

Click at the category that matches with what your website is about. Let us say we choose Company, Organization or Institution as our category. Click at it.

You will be asked to choose a more specific category under which your website falls. Choose the one that most closely describes your website and thence your Facebook Page.

After selecting your category, in the second field type a short name for your Facebook Page. Say, we type How2Lab.

Now, you will be taken to the next page to provide more information. Fill up appropriately. See the next two screenshots below for an idea.

Give careful thought before choosing the suffix for your unique Facebook web address. This must be a short, easy to remember and easy to type name and must reflect your brand/website name. Here, since we have chosen how2lab, our Facebook page will have a URL as - This can be very useful when referring your Facebook page URL to your friends.

Next, provide your logo image. You have two options here - you can either link your logo image that you already have on your website by providing its URL, or you can upload an independent logo image from your computer's disk. Note that your logo image should be square in dimensions.

If you click at the option to Import From Website, you will see the below interface. Type the full URL (starting from http://) of your website logo image file. An example URL could be -

In this demonstration, I have chosen to upload an image file from my local disk by clicking at Upload From Computer. When you click at this option, you will be shown relevant interface to select an image from your local disk. After you select one, it will be automatically uploaded.

On the next interface, click at Add to Favorites to add a link for your Facebook page on your personal home page. See screenshots below.

Click at Next button after adding your Facebook page to favorites. The next screen asks you to Add Payment Method. Well, Facebook is trying to sell it's paid promotion scheme :) Skip this at the moment. You may decide to go for paid promotion at a later stage.

You have successfully created your first Facebook page now. A couple of popups will appear asking you to to like your page and invite your friends. You may do so now.

The Facebook page that you will see when you are logged in, consists of two sections. The top section, labeled as Admin Panel, is visible only to you. When you scroll down, you will see the bottom section which is the part actually visible to others. To see how others see your Facebook page, click at the Hide button.

Alternatively, your may logout and visit your Facebook page with the unique web address. In our case the unique web address is -

Points to note

The Admin Panel allows you to edit your Facebook page, i.e. update write-ups and photos.

Remember that every time you visit Facebook and wish to update your Facebook page, you will need to first switch to page editing mode. To do this click at Use Facebook as How2Lab (How2Lab is replaced with your own page name). See screen shot below.

You can add a Cover by uploading a matching cover image. You may even choose not to add a cover image.

Edit the About Page to write a couple of paragraphs about your Facebook page. This will essentially talk about the website you are promoting through this Facebook page. Add additional pages, if you may want. The beauty of a Facebook page is that it allows you to add your own page links which a personal page does not allow.

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