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Do you need an Expensive phone?

Smartphones today come with a hefty price tag, they cost hundreds of dollars. to purchase a smartphone which has a lot of features and a very good performance, you need to pay more. Expensive Smartphones will always have a powerful Hardware, Ultra HD Screens. Sure, they have a lot of features, but do you need all of them? Will you use them frequently?

The basic usage of today's smartphone is just calling, messaging, internet, mail, playing games, maps. Yes these all features are most widely used and they are found in almost all phones available today. Now, the other features that most premium phones provide are humidity censor, temperature reader, multi touch (more than 8 touches at once), premium design, excellent screen and glass, high resolution screen, RAM more than 1GB, fingerprint reader, excellent camera front and back, high pixel density (ppi). Some extra feature provided by the manufacturer like the triluminous display, sony bravia engine, screen mirror, future software upgrades. Well these feature are more than what is listed above but you do have to pay to enjoy them all. The hefty price is not at all required, it can be sold at much lesser cost.

So where does the money go? It goes to everyone responsible in making the product successful, everyone working in the company.

So do you need those features? It depends on you but all basic requirements are already fulfilled by low-mid range phones. The software upgrade on the other hand are priceless and it should be available for all phones that have the supported hardware. However, this is done to sell the high range phones more.

Low-Mid range Smartphones won't offer a bad experience. the laggy interface, the less powerful Hardware would be a little problem for you to handle. But all applications will work on low-mid range phones. Mobile Applications are built considering the lowest range phones, so most applications that you would actually use will already be supported by Low-mid range smartphones. The only drawback is that manufactures do not send updates to low mid range phones these days, Why? because the hardware is not capable to support them.

If you are an Android user you probably know about the latest Android 4.4 Kit Kat. Android 4.4 KitKat is designed to run very fast, smooth and responsively but to achieve that, powerful hardware is required. Android Kit Kat requires a minimum 512MB RAM, Dual-Core processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 and above).

The best Smartphones will always have an Amazing Build Quality, Insanely fast hardware, will have the perfect brightness and vividness for a screen, Huge battery backup, Great camera (Mega Pixel is not the only factor that determines the quality of the camera), More features, regular software updates, and a hefty price tag!

if you are a normal user with very normal requirements, you should opt for low-mid range smartphones.


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