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3 New GTLDs entered General Availability on 17th September 2014 - .Host, .Website, .Press is excited to announce that 3 exciting new gTLDs, viz..HOST, .WEBSITE & .PRESS have entering General Availability on 17th September, 2014. You can take advantage of our fantastic promotions where you can save up to 60% on these TLDs.

The Landrush phase of .WEBSITE, .HOST and .PRESS which received a great response has ended and these TLDs have now entered the GA phase. Here is your chance to grab these domains on GA using our pre-registrations feature today itself! Click here to grab your choice domain names now.

Here is how pre-registrations work

Once you complete the pre-registration on our platform, our tool will attempt to grab your preferred domain as soon as the concerned registry opens up for GA. This eliminates the hassle of you having to login and register the domain name at that exact moment. As the GA phase works on a first-come-first-serve basis, we will do our best to secure the domain name for you. This is a zero-risk feature - if we're unable to register this domain name, you will be provided with a full refund.

In pre-registrations, upon receiving confirmation from the registry that the domain name has been allocated to you, we will activate it within your Control Panel.

Why you must not miss these 3 new gTLDs

.Host in Pre-registration and GA

If you are a Web Host/Web Services provider, you should be at the top of the new gTLD wave! .HOST domain is the perfect extension to help you create and establish a unique brand identity and stand out amidst the clutter.

Better Categorization

Why go for a .com/.net when there is a TLD especially for YOU! As Search Engines adapt themselves to the growing adoption of new gTLDs, ready yourself for the future and ensure that your brand has the perfect extension in the new gTLD space.

Instant Recognition

Your customers know who you are and what to expect when they come to your site.

.Website in Pre-registration and GA

With TLDs such as .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, etc. witnessing a shrinking name pool, there is litle scope for short and strong domain names. A .WEBSITEwill help you get online with a TLD that is truly generic, and fits any type of brand, industry vertical or service!

Truly Generic

.Website is the first truly generic new gTLD to be launched. It is intuitive, self explanatory and understood in more than 8 languages across the world.

Relevant to Everyone

.Website can be used by both individuals and companies. The TLD cuts across categories and is apt for all market segments be it technology, retail, fashion or automobile - .website suits everyone!

.Press in Pre-registration and GA

.PRESS is the perfect extension if you are associated with the media industry. Both conventional media professionals as well as new media publishers such as bloggers, podcasters and web evangelists are the perfect audience for a .PRESS Domain.

Semantically Connect & Universal Appeal

Press has a strong semantic relevance to individuals and companies associated with the media, press and news industry. The term press is universally understood and associated with this industry as well.

Value to Organizations

.Press can add value to organizations across the board & can be used as a dedicated PR portal that companies use to communicate important information with the media, customers and other key stakeholders.

As these 3 TLDs enter General Availability, we want to help you tap the true potential of these TLDs and enable you to register them. So register today!

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