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Open Exchange 7 - The Business Email suite for all your needs.

Business email needs have grown significantly off late. The days are gone when you required an email address merely to provide an electronic means of communication to a very limited number of clients who had embraced technology. Most of the communication would happen either over hard copy letters sent by post/courier, or over fax transmissions.

Now, nearly 100% of business communication happens by email. Therefore, there has been a significant increase in the resource requirement of a business email user - in terms of storage space and number of emails he/she can transmit per unit of time.

To cater to the new demands, our web services wing has launched an entirely new email infrastructure running on OX7 platform and taking advantages of NetApp's FAS3240 storage technology. In this article I aim to enlighten you about this new email technology and why you need it.

The Benefits and Why this Product is for You

Our OX7 based Business Email is the Ideal Solution for Small and Medium sized Enterprises who demand better connectivity, collaboration and mobility from their e-mail solution. The product provides a suite of features that enable an organization and its employees to enhance productivity & streamline day-to-day business activities. Here are the salient features of this product:

1. Abundant Storage & Mailing limits

The email suite offers 5 GB Email storage space for each mail box. The email send/receive limits are 100 emails/hr per email account, which takes care of heavy emailing requirements. In addition to 5 GB mail storage, your emails are backed up in state-of-the-art infrastructure so that you never lose important mails.

2. Enhanced Reliability

Built on Open Xchange 7, a leading messaging and collaboration cloud application, providing a seamless user experience across platform and devices, across social and business networks. Premium Infrastructure and Enterprise Grade Service with High Security of Data, Automatic Failover and Infinitely Scalable Disk Space.

Emails are stored on state-of-the-art NetApp's FAS3240, a shared storage with 99.999% uptime. The cloud based email cluster consists of multiple Dell Servers with Xeon E5 processors & 16 GB RAM, NetApp's FAS3240, and Juniper's EX4200-48T. The architecture ensures that your data is safe & always available. It also ensures 100% Network Uptime.

3. Mobility

The fluidic webmail interface, built on HTML 5 & Javascript, is responsive and compatible on all major operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Blackberry. Thus you can view your mails quite comfortably on any smart phone or tablet. You can easily connect with your mobile device's default App on Symbian, iPhone, Android or Windows. Emails are instantly delivered as and when they arrive, via Push Enabled Technology.

4. Ultimate Scalability

You can purchase the exact number of email accounts you require today. It is pay-as-you-go SaaS model. So you can scale up in increments of 1 email account as and when your need grows, thereby making it a vary cost-effective solution.

5. Inbuilt Virus Protection

Our advanced anti-virus technology secures your inbox and ensures that you are protected from downloading malware and viruses.

6. Social Integration - Social Media in your Inbox

Our interfaces allow you to communicate with your private and professional contacts via one platform. You can view your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ feeds in your Inbox itself. OpenXchange brings all your social media under one roof.

7. Feature Rich

Features include - a highly customizable web portal along with intuitive calendaring, address book, file manager, task manager, etc. You can easily manage contacts, create to-do lists and keep track of all your meetings in one place with OpenXchange's productivity tools.

Here is how your web portal will look:

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