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FTP using Win SCP

WinSCP is short for Windows Secure CoPy. It is a free and open source FTP client built for the Microsoft Windows platform. WinSCP allows file transfer from a local computer to an internet server via a variety of protocols such as - plain FTP, SFTP, SCP (Secure Copy Protocol), WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning). For the involved users, WinSCP also offers scripting and basic file manager functionality.

Essentially, WinSCP allows both non-secure and secure modes of file transfer.

To Upload Content/Files using WinSCP

  1. Open WinSCP.

  2. Provide the Host name, User name and Password information, set Port number to 21 and click the Login button.

    Plain FTP

    For plain non-secure FTP, configure as per below screen shot.

    Secure FTP

    For secure FTP, you need to choose the TLS Explicit encryption as the protocol option.

  3. Instead of logging in straight away, you can also choose to first Save the configuration and then login. Once you save the configuration, next time when you need to connect you can simply select the saved configuration and login. So, when you click at Save button, you can confirm the entry as shown below.

    All saved ftp sessions are listed under Stored sessions section. Thus you can store ftp connection information of multiple remote servers. This can be useful if you are a web master and are required to manage multiple websites. To connect to an account, in the Stored sessions section, select for that account and click the Login button.

  4. Once connected, open the public_html folder on the right pane by double-clicking it. In case of plesk windows hosting, the folder to open will be httpdocs. Please note that the right pane will show the folders and files on your hosting server and the left pane will show the folders and files on your local computer.

  5. Select the desired files in the left pane and from the Files menu, click Copy.

  6. Confirm the file transfer by clicking the Copy button.

    The files will be transferred to the remote server.

To Enable Active/Passive Mode FTP

The data connection mode can be modified in WinSCP client as follows:

  1. Under Stored sessions, select and click the Edit button.

  2. Select the Advanced options check box.

  3. By default, the data connection mode is set to Active mode. Click Connection and select the Passive mode check box. Click the Save button.

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