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Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting providers allow their clients to become web hosts themselves. Here the provider sells a bulk space with suitable software such as WHM and CPanel that help split the bulk space into mulitple small-sized plans as per your own choice, and resell them to end customers. The WHM/CPanel combination is available on Linux platform. Other standard reseller hosting control panels are - Plesk (for Windows as well as Linux plaform), DirectAdmin, Webmin (for Linux platform) and H-sphere.

Most reseller hosting plans are white labelled so that when you resell the small-sized plans to your end customers, you can provide each such customer with an independent control panel under your own brand name. Your end customers would never be able to find out who is your source provider.

Essentially, reseller hosting is also a shared hosting environment, as the source provider may sell multiple reseller plans off the same server to different clients. So, here again the limitations of a shared hosting environment in terms of CPU and memory availability will apply.

The advantage of a shared hosting plan is that the source provider would provide full technical support for all of your users.

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