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How to secure your website from attack?


It's a bright, sunny day, and its raining orders because of your growing online presence

But while you managed to attract a lot of customers, you also came into the radar of ill-meaning hackers

Alas, your site is defaced, your customers have lost trust, revenue is plummeting and your goodwill has crashed overnight!

While you were busy running your business, money-hungry hackers were plotting to compromise your online presence

The Fact is..


small & medium websites are attacked everyday


of all websites are vulnerable to attacks


of all data breaches happen at companies with less than 50 employees


websites are blacklisted by Google everyday

And you thought that hackers only target the big, e-commerce websites? Think Again

What You Stand To Lose..

You spend a lot of money to build an attractive website

You invest more to build traffic, advertise and rank well

A single attack can cause all your time, money and effort to go down the drain!

The Solution - SITELOCK

SiteLock is a website security solution designed specially for small and medium businesses. It is a simple and effective website security solution that serves as an early detection alarm and protects from online threats like:



Bot Attacks

Identity Theft

You don't need a technical assistant to set up and monitor SiteLock for you it just works!

SiteLock starts working instantly

You don't need to install or set SiteLock up it is cloud-based and starts scanning your website instantly.

It Automatically Removes Malware

Don't have the technical know-how
to secure your website?

No worries!
SiteLock will do it for you automatically.

What all does SiteLock do?

360 Degree Monitoring and Protection

SiteLock takes care of ALL aspects of your web presence

Website and Application Scanning

Deep 360 Degree Scans

SiteLock scans your web files from the inside-out as well as from the outside-in to detect and remediate malware and viruses.

Application Scanning

SiteLock scans all your applications like blogs, shopping carts etc. to check for known vulnerabilities or recommend upgrades to secure versions.

The Trust Seal

SiteLock's Trust Seal assures users that your site is secure and malware-free.

Displaying a Trust Seal is also proven to increase sales by approx. 15%

SiteLock's SMART Tool

Uses FTP to thoroughly scan through your website and find malware.

Automatically removes malware before it can damage your website

This means, you can sit back and focus on your business and customers, while SiteLock runs in the background to protect your website 24x7.

The TrueShield Firewall & CDN

TrueShield Firewall

SiteLock's Firewall uses a global network to identify malicious behaviour and shields your website from bot attacks.

TrueSpeed CDN

SiteLock's CDN speeds up your website to ensure optimum load time and customer experience. A faster site also ranks better on search engines.

Reputation Monitoring

Search Engine Blacklists

SiteLock monitors blacklists of leading search engines to ensure that your site is not linked to any known malware sites or blacklisted for bad links.

Spam Filters

SiteLock also monitors leading Spam filters to ensure that your mail servers are not caught which could result in your mail being marked as spam.


Beat the bad guys to the chase!

Your website is your business. Don't let it fall prey to unscrupulous hackers. Protect your online presence beforehand.

Click here to buy SiteLock for your website.

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