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Butter of antimony is SbCl3.

Calgon is sodium hexametaphosphate (NaPO3)3.

Explosive antimony is solid solution of antimony trichloride in α- antimony.

Pyrolusite is MnO2.

Braunite is Mn2O3.

Bordeaux mixture is mixture of CuSo4 and lime.

Lithopone is ZnS + BaSO4.

Raney nickel is an active and very finely divided form, made by M. Raney, an American engineer in 1927 from powdered nickel aluminium alloy and aqueous caustic soda.

Cream of tartar is acid potassium tartrate used for baking powder.

Rochelle salt is sodium-potassium-tartrate. (NaKC4H4O6.4H2O).

Caro's acid is H2SO5.

Lindlar catalyst is partially poisoned palladium.

Paris green is cupric acetoarsenite, Cu(CH3COO)2.Cu3(AsO2)2. It is very poisonous.

Fulminating silver is Ag3N which is an explosive black powder.

Milk of magnesium is solution of magnesium hydroxide.

Fluid magnesia is Mg(HCO3)2 which is a solution of MgCO3 in presence of CO2.

Asbestos is naturally occurring calcium-magnesium silicate. CaMg3(SiO3).

Norwegian salt petre is Ca(NO3)2CaO.

Rinmann's green is cobalt zincate(CoZnO2).

Turpeth mineral is red basic sulphate of Hg, (HgSO4.2H2O).

Putty powder is SnO2 which is used as a polishing powder.

Butter of tin is SnCl4.5H2O, used as a mordant and in weighing silk.

Pink salt is ammonium chlorostannate – used as mordant.

Sugar of lead is lead acetate.

Lithia water is LiHCO3, obtained by dissolving lithium carbonate in a solution of carbon dioxide.

Baryta is BaO.

Stroncia is SrO.

Nitrolim is CaCN2 + graphite.

Super phosphate of lime is Ca(H2PO4)2.

Alum stone is [K2SO4.Al2(SO4)34Al(OH)3].

Water glass is the commercial name of sodium meta silicate which has the composition Na2SiO3.SiO2 to Na2SiO3.3SiO2.

Microcosmic salt is Na(NH4)HPO4.4H2O which is used for test of silicates.

Hypo is sodium thio sulphate, used in photography.

Mohr's salt is ferrous ammonium sulphate [FeSO4(NH4)2SO4.6H2O].

Potassium Ferrocyanide is known as yellow prussiate of potash.

Fusion mixture is Na2CO3 + K2CO3 which is used in charcoal test for detection of basic radical in salt analysis.

Liver of sulphur is potassium penta sulphide.

Hydrolith is CaH2.

Fulminate gold is NH2 – Au – NH.

Sodium oxide is NaN3.

Washing soda is Na2CO3.10H2O.

Crystal carbonate is Na2CO3.H2O.

Soda ash is Na2CO3.

Baking powder is NaHCO3+Na-K tartrate.

Lunar caustic is AgNO3.

Horn silver is AgCl.

Purple of cassius is colloidal gold + colloidal gold oxide.

Sorel cement is MgCl2.5H2O.xH2O.

Quick lime is CaO.

Slaked lime is Ca(OH)2.

Milk of lime is saturated solution of Ca(OH)2.

Lime water is Ca(OH)2 solution with excess water.

Bleaching powder is Ca(OCl)Cl.

Plastic of paris is (CaSO4)2.H2O.

Philosopher's wool is ZnO.

Calomel is Hg2Cl2.

Corrosive sublimate is HgCl2.

Vermillion is HgS.

Litharz is PbO.

Pattinson's white lead is PbCl2PbO.H2O.

White lead is 2PbCO3.Pb(OH)2.

Sublimed white lead is PbSO4+PbO+ZnO.

Red lead or minimum is Pb3O4.

Green vitriol is FeSO2.7H2O.

Blue vitriol is CuSO4.5H2O.

White vitriol is ZnSO4.7H2O.

Chile salt pwetre is NaNO3.

Nitre is KNO3.

Glober salt is Na2SO4.10H2O.

Epsom salt is MgSO4.7H2O.

Gypsum is CaSO4.2H2O.

Heavy water is D2O.

Oil of vitriol is conc. H2SO4.

Barylta water is Ba(OH)2 solution.

Muriatic acid is HCL.

Cementite is Fe3C.

Plumbago is naturally occurring graphite.

Prussic acid is HCN gas.

Fool's gold is FeS2.

Lye is NaOH.

White clay or china clay or kaolin is 3H4Al2Si2O9.

Quick silver is Hg.

Hydrazoic acid is N3H.

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