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Ergonomics Implementation Charter

Below is a typical charter for implementation of Ergonomics in an organization. You may adopt it with suitable modifications to suit your own context.


  • Provide strategic direction and guidance for Ergonomics initiatives.
  • Promote Ergonomics consciousness amongst all employees at all levels.
  • Improve quality of work life by making work place safer and by reduction in work related stresses.


  • Trained cadre of ergonomics Facilitators.
  • Theme based ergonomic Standards as company-wide reference.
  • Information ergonomics website.
  • Ergonomics mapping and audits related information.


  • Hold monthly meetings to review progress on
    • Ergonomics projects
    • Ergonomics facilitators activities
    • Ergonomics website update
    • Application of theme based ergonomics norms
    • Ergonomics promotional programs
  • Arrange and organize training and workshops.
  • Conduct progress audits.
  • Conduct surveys to evaluate impact of ergonomic initiatives.

Critical Success Factors

  • Accord due consideration to application of Ergonomics concepts at design stage.
  • Adherence to Ergonomics standards in existing Work systems.
  • Employee motivation for adherence to Ergonomics norms.
  • Higher management's visible support in propagation of concepts of Ergonomics.


  • Safer and stress free work environment.
  • Improvement in human productivity.

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