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Ergonomics Standards

Staircase Standards

Sl. No.ItemStandards
01Width of stair900 mm (minimum)
02Slope Angle (pitch)30-37 degree to horizontal
03Effective free going of on stair> 250 mm and constant at each step
04Riser< 190 mm and constant at each step
05Railinga) All stairs having > 4 Risers to have railings at open side
b) Height of railing at 840 mm with intermediate railing at 600 mm
c) Toe guard of 100 mm height at railing side
06Landing Platforma) At a height of maximum 3.7 meter
b) Headroom of at least 2.2 meter vertically
c) Width of landing to be same as width of stair
07Treada)Minimum 230 mm width with a non slip nosing of 25 mm.


1. Material of Staircase: Fire resistance material

2. Illumination level: 30 to 50 lux

3. Steps: Non slippery

Linking the Human being with the Computer in different work tasks

TaskVisual RequirementsMotor Input RequirementsContinuity of Requirements
Data EntryHigh (source & screen)High (keyboard)Few Interruptions
Data AcquisitionHigh (screen)Medium (keyboard)Varies
Word processingHigh to medium (source, screen & keyboard)High (keyboard)Few Interruptions
Interactive communicationMedium (screen)MediumVaries
CADHigh (screen & source)LowFrequent interruptions

Adjustment Ranges for VDT Workstation

(Heights in cm above the floor)
ObjectFirst StrategySecond StrategyThird strategy
All adjustableSupport for keyboard fixed. All other adjustableSeat fixed, all other adjustable
1.Seat Pan37-5050-55Fixed at 50
2.Support surface for keyboard or other data entry device53-70Fixed at 7065-70
3.Centre of display93-122106-127106-122
4.Foot restNot needed0-180-13

All dimensions in Centimeter

Some sources of Published Standards & Guidelines

United StatesEurope
LightingIES Handbook, Illumination Engineering society (IES) of North America
  1. British Standard CP3, British Standards Institute (BSI)
  2. CIBS Code for Interior lighting, London, U.K
  3. Commission Internationale de Iâ Eclairage (CIE) publications
  1. Industrial Noise Manual, American Industrial Hygiene Association.
  2. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) exposure limits.
  3. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) publications
  1. International organization for Standardization (ISO) publications e.g. ISO 1999 (1972)
  2. BSI publications
  1. American society for Heating, Refrigerating, and Air conditioning engineers (ASHRAE) publications
  2. OSHA Publications
ISO Publications. e.g. ISO 7243 (1982)
BSI publications (reactions to surface temperatures)
Manual Handling
  1. NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health) Work practices Guide (1981, weight limit equation revised 1993)
  2. DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services) (NioSH) Publication no. 94-110
University of Surrey, U.K. Force Limits in Manual Work
European Community (EC) Directive on manual handling (19910 HSC (Health & safety Commission, U.K). Proposals for Regulation and guidance, 1992
Seating/VDTsANS/ HFS 100-1988 National Standard for Human Factors Engineering of VDT WorkstationsEC directive on Work with Display Screen Euipment,1990
HSC Proposals for Regulation and Guidance, 1992
AnthropometryNASA Anthropometric Source BookPheasant, 1986

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