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How to promote your Facebook Page on your website? Embedding the Facebook Like Box.

You can promote your Facebook Page at your website by embedding a Like box plugin provided by Facebook, onto your website page. The Like box plugin is a simple feed of content from your Facebook Page that displays at your website page wherever your insert the plugin code. This allows your website visitors to Like your Facebook Page at your website itself.

This is a typical example of working for mutual benefits. While your Facebook Page will help promote your Website, the Like box embedded on your website will help promote your Facebook page. Thus they work together for mutual promotion. The more people click at the Like button, more of their friends will get to know about your page at Facebook. Many of these friends, out of curiosity, would tend to visit your Facebook page, and in turn will be guided to your website. Some of them may click at the Like button on your website.

If you are lucky, this can generate a chain reaction. It it happen, it could be ultimate for your website traffic.

Let us get down to understand how to embed a Facebook Like Box on your website. I am assuming that you have already built your Facebook page at this stage. If you haven't, first read the article on how to create your Facebook Page, and then re-visit this article.

1. Where to find the Like box embed code?

Login to your Facebook account and then jump to https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/like-box-for-pages/.

2. Customize the Like box plugin

When you jump to the above URL, You will see a form as shown below:

Customize your Like box by specifying suitable values in the form fields. Specify the URL of your Facebook Page in the Facebook Page URL field. For example, in our case the URL is - https://www.facebook.com/how2lab. Specify suitable width and height for the Like box. The values specified here will be treated in pixels. Explanations for the other fields are already given on the form page, hence I am not explaining them here. Just make sure that your Like box should be big enough to comfortably accommodate all the stuff you decide to include within the box such as - friends faces, posts on the page, etc.

3. Get the Embed code and install it on your website page

After having specified all customization parameters, click at the Get Code button. A page will popup showing your Like box plugin embed code. The code is available in four different formats, viz. HTML, XFBML, iframe and URL. I personally prefer the HTML version as it allows us to further customize the display box with our own CSS.

You would see that the HTML code is in two parts. The first part of the code must be placed anywhere within your HTML body, preferably before the second part of the code. The second part of the code is to be placed exactly where you want it to appear. I prefer to keep the entire code set together for ease of editing.

Normally, you would place the Like box code in the home page of your website. After copy-pasting the two code snippets, save your HTML page and then visit your website page in your browser to test it live.


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