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This section provides various How to articles pertaining to email setup and usage. Here you will find solutions for common issues that you may encounter while using your email service.

Open Exchange 7 - The Business Email suite for all your needs.

Simple, Powerful Email for Small Businesses. Gives your business a professional makeover with your own personal branded email address.

How to maintain two or more email servers for the same domain?

Learn how you can maintain multiple email servers for sending out emails and have all your email servers treated as genuine mail servers for your domain.

How to resolve the issue of receiving same email message multiple times when using Outlook?

Receiving same email multiple times in Outlook? Read this article to understand what are the possible causes of this issue and how to resolve it.

Communicating with your customers and business associates via mailing lists

Learn how to setup and use the Mailman Mailing List in cPanel to create a mailing list of your customers, potential customers, or business associates and send them common communication emails.

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync for Android

Learn how to set up Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync on your Mobile phone or Tablet device.

Moving Email accounts from one cPanel server to another

Migrating your cPanel hosting account from one server to another? And, don't know how to move your emails? Read this article to understand how to move email accounts from one cPanel server to another.

How to move your Email accounts from one hosting provider to another without losing any mails?

A major impediment to switching providers is the worry of losing all your old emails. A question that would naturally come to mind is - how to move old emails to the new hosting server. This article explains an easy method of moving all emails from one hosting server to another.

How to access your emails in the smarter Microsoft Outlook using IMAP?

You would be using the browser based Webmail interface to access your email account. However, most webmail software are quite limited in features and you wish you could use your local Microsoft Outlook to connect. Learn how you can use the smart outlook interface to replace your boring browser based webmail.

IMAP, POP & SMTP Explained

Quickly learn what are the protocols for communicating with email servers, which ones you use and how to choose between IMAP & POP3.

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