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In this section we aim to educate individuals and small business owners on various aspects of the world wide web and give a basic understanding of the Internet. The objective is to equip you with enough information and knowledge so that when you go about building your website and need to procure web services, you understand what you are getting and are not taken for a ride by any unscrupulous web service provider.

This section deals with imparting a deeper perspective of the internet which is a collection of packet-switched networks interconnected by routers and gateways, and using TCP/IP, the common language of communication thus functioning logically as a single, large, virtual network.

How to do Image Search on the Internet?

Search Google by Image - find similar images with the image search facility provided by Google.

The .SITE Domain extension has arrived. Find out how you can grab some of the choicest domain names at only $19.99.

The .SITE domain TLD has just entered the Pre-General Availability stage. Read on to find out why .SITE is important and how you can apply for a .SITE domain name.

Social e-commerce

Social e-commerce is the new way to reach out and build customers. Read this article to find out why it is important to focus on social e-commerce to help take your business to the next level.

3 New GTLDs entered General Availability on 17th September 2014 - .Host, .Website, .Press

Here is your chance to grab these new GTLDs before your competition does.

What are new gTLDs and how to register them to retain your brand identity?

A host of new global Top Level Domains, or domain name extensions as you may refer in simplified language, have been launched in 2014. What are these extensions all about and how can you buy domain names under these new extensions? Read this article to find out.

Three essential tips for choosing a domain name for your business.

We all understand and appreciate how important it is for our business to be present on the world wide web. A question often asked is what should be the right way of going about selecting a domain name for our business website. This article clears the confusions that you may have in mind.

E-Commerce is changing the rules of the game in India. Is your company ready?

Are you still conducting business in the old conventional way? Are you ready to embrace e-commerce? You must read this article to appreciate the need to re-think your business model and adapt to the changing environment the internet has created.

How to embed a Google Map in your website contact page?

Earlier, when you needed to explain the location of your business address in your website contact page, you would put a static map image. Now, with Google Maps, you can embed an interactive roadmap, which your website visitor can zoom in and out to figure out how they can reach your business address. Learn how to do so using Google Maps API.

How to embed Google Ads in a responsive website?

Learn how to make Google ad sense units responsive, so that they are rendered according to the width of the device in which your website pages are viewed.

The 7 Steps to Selling Online

If you are an existing brick-and-mortar business owner or a budding entrepreneur thinking of setting up a virtual shop to sell online, you must read this.

Understand what is a Virtual Shop and what are the benefits of selling online

If you are vying to make it big in business, you cannot ignore the huge market provided by the Internet. Get an overview of e-commerce and find out why you must begin to sell online.

Basics of building a website

You will find several articles and tutorials on the internet that talk about how to build a website. Here, we will deal very briefly with the important aspects of building and launching your website.

Why have a website?

This article talks about the merits of having a web presence for your business - no matter how small or big you are, no matter how well known your business is to the world, no matter how much of publicity you are carrying out via the press, media and other means.

Internet Terms

To be able to understand the internet we need to develop and understanding of Computer Networks and also understand some of the important terms used on the Internet. Some of the internet terms that are being used across the entire website are explained in this article. More terms will be explained in specific articles.

What is World Wide Web?

To exploit the full potential of the internet and the world wide web, it is necessary to develop a basic understanding of how the web works and the technologies that drive the internet.

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