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This section presents to you relevant information pertaining to web hosting and hosting services in an effort to make you understand the practical aspects of hosting a website or a web based application. Our objective is to enable you take a better and informed decision when choosing a hosting service provider for your web deployments.


In this article I will highlight the benefits of cloud hosting and explain the benefits of cutting edge cloud platform from WebServicesWorldwide.com.


How to connect to a hosting account via FTP using Win SCP?


How to connect to a hosting account via FTP using FileZilla?


How to connect to a hosting account via FTP using windows explorer or any web browser?


Understand what is the difference between an Active FTP connection versus a Passive FTP connection and which connection mode should you use to connect to your hosting server.


Where on your hosting server should you store your website files so that they are visible to the world? How to conveniently transfer the files from your local computer to the internet server? Get an overview.


The hosting requirement for an ecommerce website is far from ordinary. It is necessary to understand what it entails, so that you do not end up compromising your online business by opting for a cheap service.


Popular portals have a very high hit rate and several hundred people visit the website at the same time. This imposes huge load on server resources which shared hosting is not capable of meeting. Read this article to get a quick checklist of points to keep in mind when buying a hosting service for a Web portal.


Understand when you need a VPS for your website and what does a managed VPS entail.

Linux hosting versus windows hosting - This article will enable you to decide whether you should opt for a Linux hosting server or a Windows hosting server.

A quick comparative of suitable hosting plan available from leading hosting players in India. This article will help you chose the right service provider to procure from.


Understand the various classification of hosting services that are available on the Internet.


You want to setup your website and are confused when it comes to choosing a suitable hosting plan. How to decide which hosting plan is most suited for your website requirement? What should be your criteria for selecting a Web Host? Read on to find answers.


A brief overview of what hosting service is all about.

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